Top 5 Flathead Lures – Part 1

The Platycephalidae or more commonly know as Flathead are a bread and butter species of estuarine and inshore bottom dwelling fisheries. Flathead are located almost around the whole of Australia. They are a popular sport and table fish especially on the South to North Eastern side of Australia. One of the most popular Flathead tournaments is the Gold […]

Top 5 Snapper Lures – Part 4


… continuing on from Part 3 of our Top 5 Snapper Lures, the final installment of our series is by Craig ‘Handles’ Hanlon. Craig ‘Handles’ Hanlon – Dave Irvine Memorial Snapper Kayak Champion 2019 1. Berkley Gulp Jerk Shad 5″ Where – Shallow water 0-30mWhen – I like to fish this bait first thing in […]

Top 5 Snapper Lures – Part 3

… continuing on from Part 2 of our Top 5 Snapper Lures, this part is from flathead king, Dayne ‘Little Boat, Big Dream’ Taylor. 1. Palms Slow BlattWhere – Ideally I prefer to use them in 30 metres plus. But I have also had success in shallower waters casting them horizontally as shallow as 10 metres.When – These […]

Top 5 Snapper Lures – Part 2

Top 5 Snapper Lures … continuing on from Part 1 of our Top 5 Snapper Lures, this part is from our good mate Matthew ‘Macca’ McEwan. Gulp 7in Jerk Shad Where – Water depth that is anywhere between 0 – 60m. When – Mainly during the peak times of dawn and dusk when I’m trying to hunt out that larger […]

Top 5 Snapper Lures – Part 1

Pagris Auratus or more commonly know as Snapper are the bread and butter of inshore reef fishing from the bottom of WA around through South Australia coast and up to South East Queensland. With Fish source being located in Coffs Harbour, arguably one of the prize snapper fisheries in Australia with the likes of Port […]