Top 5 Snapper Lures

… continuing on from Part 1 of our Top 5 Snapper Lures, this part is from our good mate
Matthew ‘Macca’ McEwan.

Gulp 7in Jerk Shad

Where – Water depth that is anywhere between 0 – 60m.
When – Mainly during the peak times of dawn and dusk when I’m trying to hunt out that larger fish. This larger profile bait often weeds out the smaller fish and lets you target those larger trophy sized fish.
Why – It often matches the larger sized baits that are found on those inshore reefs. I.e. large slimeys yakkas and pilchards.
Colour – Yakka Snak, Pink Shine, Camo.

Squidgy Wriggler 140mm

Where – Water depth from 25m-110m.
When – I used this plastic when fishing the deep water and more so when I’m trying to catch lots of fish regardless of size or during the not so good bite periods to help entice a bite from more shutdown fish. This is because this is a larger body profile lure but not extremely long so it’s a good size for every fish. I use it in the deep water mainly because the way the lure is designed, it needs a heavier jig head to really get the tail working. As the tail has movement to it as well, it will slow the sink rate down so a heavier jig head is also needed for this reason.
Why – I believe that in deeper water where light isn’t as present, an added action to a lure is helpful.
Colour – Drop Bear, White Lightning, Gary Glitter.

Damiki 5in Armor Shad

Where – Water depth from 0-40m.
When – Shallow inshore reefs all times of day. This is a great profile lure when the bait of lately has been of a smaller size. It’s also a good lure when you’ve noticed that there is a lot of pilchards stacked up on the sounder as this lure is a close size to that of a pilchard. It’s also a handy lure to have rigged up on a spare rod if you just aren’t getting enough bites on larger lures. It’s a good choice to have rigged and ready as this is a scented soft plastic but won’t dry pout when left out of the packet.
Why – Good size lure to ‘“match the hatch” as well as being a good size for shutdown fish.
Colour – Skin Blue is definitely the pick but all colours work well.

Shimano Lucanus Jig

Where – Water depth from 20m – 100m.
When – They are a great representation of squid and octopus and only need to be worked close to the bottom and very slowly to entice a bite. The other time when they really come into their own effect is when you a casting a plastic ahead of your drift and then on the other side, drop a Lucanus down. You can leave the Lucanus rod in a rod holder and let the swell and movement if the boat do everything for you. A super effective method to pick up those extra fish that didn’t want a bar of your plastic offering.
Why – Great lure to use to imitate a squid or octopus. Or when plastics just aren’t working.
Colour – Fish have been taken on all colours but whites always seem to perform well.

Gulp 5in Jigging Shrimp

Where – Water Depth 0 – 50m.
When – I use this lure when I’m prospecting new ground. It’s a small profile which as we have already touched on, helps to entice bites from any size fish as well as bites from shutdown fish. It’s curled tail and slim profile help to achieve this and because the tail is so supple, it’s still able to give off lots of movement even with light jig heads.
Why – similar to bait you’d find on inshore reefs – prawns, cuttlefish, baitfish.
Colours – Glitter pink, BBQ Chicken.

Top 5 Snapper Lures – Part 4

… continuing on from Part 3 of our Top 5 Snapper Lures, the final installment of our series is by

Top 5 Snapper Lures – Part 3

… continuing on from Part 2 of our Top 5 Snapper Lures, this part is from flathead king, Dayne ‘Little Boat, Big Dream’